White Pass Outfitters Suggested Equipment List for Rifle, Muzzleloader, and Archery Hunts

WEATHER AND TEMPERATURE - Archers can expect any kind of weather from dry 65-80 degree days and 35-45 degree nights to 30-40 degree windy wet days and 0-30 degree nights. For Rifle hunters the weather can vary greatly between late summer type weather and cold wet winter weather, by the end of October expect snow and cold winter weather. 

ARCHERY EQUIPMENT - Bows should have least 70 lbs draw weight or more. Arrows must weigh at least 500 grains. A good heavy three or four bladed broad head is recommended. Over draws are ok. Learn to use a hands free type cow elk call. Shots at elk will be 40 yards or less. 

GUN & AMMO - Rifles of 270 or larger are recommended, the most important thing is to be able to shoot it accurately. Your rifle needs to be sighted in for 200 yards. Use the heaviest bullet weight that works well at 200 plus yards, we don’t want them running out of steam at 200 yards, shots will be mostly in open country. Bring one box of ammunition. 

BINOCULARS - If you are to own only one set of binoculars, the 10X42 would be the best all-around size. 

RIFLE SCOPE - European optics companies produce great binoculars, but my recommended rifle scope is the great American brand Leupold. The reason is due to their ability to take a beating!  These are tough scopes and will usually not lose zero with a bad mishap. 

DAYPACK - Most hunters come with packs too small.... One reason to have a good-sized pack is to handle all the layers of clothing that you will be peeling off during the day.  Remember that mornings are often 20 degrees cooler than noontime temps, which means you will be layering.  Another reason to have a decent pack is if you tag an animal.   You do not need a giant 7-day backpack, but a good daypack with a waist strap for putting the weight above the hips and not all on the shoulders is best.  You should have a mid-sized pack with a capacity around 2500-3500 cu-in.  

CLOTHING - We recommend wool as it’s warm, quiet, and sheds water. Fleece also works well. We like to dress in layers so we can shed them as the day warms. Camo clothing is recommended for archers and muzzleloaders.  Rifle hunters need 400 sq inches of orange, we recommend mesh nylon or fleece vest for quietness. 

BOOTS AND SHOES - Hunters may want light-hiking boots that are waterproof and heavier insulated boots possibly with liners. All boots should have good lug type or air bob soles. Bring slippers or light shoes for walking around camp. 

BEDDING AND BATH - Compact/warm sleeping bag, towels and wash cloths, and toiletries for your personal use. 

OUR GROCERIES POLICY - We supply all your meals in our Guided Deluxe Camps that will be well rounded and nourishing, however you will need to let us know prior to your hunt if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs. We will do our best to accommodate your needs if we are able to plan ahead. 

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - We do not provide any alcoholic beverages. You are welcome to provide your own. 

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS - Any photos or videos taken by clients may not be used for promotional purposes or used in contests of any kind without prior approval from White Pass Outfitters. Photos or videos may be used for personal use only. White Pass Outfitters has exclusive rights to use any photos or video taken by White Pass Outfitters or their employees while hunting, vacationing or horseback riding at White Pass Outfitters in any promotional way they wish unless prior agreement has been established between White Pass Outfitters and the client. 

PACKING THINGS FOR AIRLINE TRAVEL AND INTO CAMP -We suggest packing everything in one large waterproof duffel bag so you will be allowed more room for your game on the way home.  

PAYMENT - Payment can be made with check, cashier’s check, money order, travelers checks, and cash. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover- please note we charge a .03 percent fee for credit/debit cards.  

1/3 nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve dates. Prices include sales tax. Balance is due 15 days prior to hunt.

White Pass Outfitters

PO Box 1064

Selah, WA 98942

Suppled Drop Camps Includes the Following

  • Wall tent-(size depends on number of hunters)
  • Wood stove or propane heat
  • Cots with Pads or air mattresses
  • Chairs with backs and armrests
  • Cookstove including cast iron pots and pans
  • Dishware and utensils
  • Two wash basins
  • Outside grill
  • Lantern
  • Ax, saw and shovel
  • Two five gallon water jugs
  • Dish soap and cast iron oil/seasoning

Recommended Items to Bring

  • Tag and Hunting License
  • Weapon and ammo/arrows
  • Weapon related gear ( sling, release, bipod, bow sling)
  • Backpack or Daypack (no fanny packs as they are too small)
  • Binoculars(10x recommended)
  • Compact sleeping bag 
  • Small pillow or a pillow case to stuff with clothes
  • Travel toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, paste, etc.)
  • Trash bag for dirty clothes
  • Unscented deoderant
  • Small towel/wash cloth
  • Toliet paper or wipes for daypack
  • Small flashlight/headlamp with extra batteries
  • Camera
  • Bug Repellant, Thermacell, or head net for the hot months
  • Knife, saw
  • Camouflage clothing and jacket
  • Belt
  • Wool-blend hiking socks
  • Hiking boots (with good traction and ankle support)
  • Thermal underwear
  • Camo gloves
  • Camo ball cap
  • Beanie (cold months to sleep in)
  • Field First Aid kit, Mole skin (for blisters)
  • Personal Medications
  • Snacks/Trail Mix/Granola Bars for your daypack
  • Water purifier
  • Ear plugs (in case other hunters snore)
  • Cooler (for those driving to camp, 48 qt deer/ 120 qt elk)
  • Unscented or Sportsmans sunscreen
  • Rangefinder
  • Grunt tube, calls, etc.
  • Magazines, books, games, etc. for down time
  • Slippers for around camp